How can I help you?

Whether you’re already involved in a legal proceeding, on the threshold of getting into one, or just looking for advice regarding a legal issue you’re going through, I am here to help guide you towards the best possible outcome for your specific situation. Still need some clarification about how I work or the various services I provide? Drop me a note and and I’ll do my best to provide some clarity for you.

EMAIL: Please use the adjacent form.

Please understand that I am unable to answer any legal questions through email. If you have those kinds of questions I highly encourage you to book an hour of time and we can start from there.

BOOKINGS: Available for any of the time’s listed in the online booking form. Alternative times may be considered and would be arranged on a case by case basis.

OFFICE VISITS: By appointment only. 99% of all consulting is done via the convenience of the phone, and an in-office meeting is rarely required.

OFF-SITE MEETINGS: In the rare case where a meeting at a different location is required, arrangements can be made via phone.

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Ngozi E. Bolin, Esq.

“My sole purpose is to listen and confidentially help you understand your legal situation, give you advice about your legal rights, and guide you through the possible options available to you. These are things that you need to understand before you can decide what solution is best for your unique situation. I will not handle your court case or initiate one for you, but will empower you to make a reasoned decision for yourself. And should you choose to pursue a case, I will help you to be on better footing regarding what you can expect.”

– Ngozi E. Bolin, Esq