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Providing the guidance you need to help you to understand your situation, know what to expect, and to decide what steps to take next to resolve your legal dispute – before spending so much time and money on ill-conceived strategy or litigation.


I will evaluate and discuss your situation so that you can have a good, basic understanding of what your matter entails…



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“Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t give up because you are paralyzed by insecurity or overwhelmed by the odds, because in giving up, you give up hope…The greatest obstacle in life is fear and giving up because of it.”

– Sonia Sotomayor

Ngozi E. Bolin, Esq.

With a wealth of experience in litigation, jury and bench trials, including running a successful private Manhattan and Los Angeles law practices for nearly 23 years, Ms. Bolin decided in 2015 to change her firm’s focus from case management and litigation to coaching other lawyers in the handling, settlement and trial of their clients’ civil cases and providing affordable access to justice for individual and businesses who need it most, without the need for retaining a lawyer full-time.

Ngozi E. Bolin, Esq.

The Bolin Firm is dedicated to promoting effective and efficient access to justice through clear-cut understanding of the law for quick resolution of disputes. For lawyers and legal professionals, Ms. Bolin will coach you through the handling of your clients’ civil cases.

Legal advice across multiple areas of law to provide both solutions and savings for individuals, businesses, lawyers and legal professionals for quicker and more efficient resolution of legal conflicts.


Landlord & Tenant

There are times when friction between landlord and tenant occurs. It is your home and your home should not be a war zone, and as a tenant you have rights. Make sure you understand them.


Personal Injury

When you get injured at work, home, from an accident, in a public place or injured by your doctor, etc, your recovery is uppermost in your mind. Know your rights before you decide what to do.


Employment Law

Losing a job can be devastating. So is on the job discrimination or enduring a hostile work environment. If you’ve found yourself in a job situation that has caused you harm, you have options.


Contract Disputes

Contracts can be complicated, tricky, and sometimes deceptive. So when a breach of contract occurs, it is important to know where you stand and then to consider all of your options.



Bankruptcy can help you get back on solid financial ground, but it can also do extreme damage to your credit. Be sure that bankruptcy is what you want before you hire a bankruptcy lawyer.


HOA Disputes

As a homeowner in an HOA there are potential conflicts with neighbors as well as the Board itself. Knowing your rights is the best place to start before deciding on how to proceed in HOA disputes.


Coaching Lawyers & Legal Professionals

Ms. Bolin coaches other lawyers in the handling of their cases from inception to finish. She coaches them through settlements, trial preparations, trials and appeals.


Insurance Disputes

Handling a loss or defending a case when you should be covered can be very costly and stressful. Make sure you understand your situation, your coverage, and your rights first.


Divorce / Separation

Divorce and legal separation come with a great deal of emotion. People are hurt, families iare breaking apart, and finances are being strained. This is the most important time to take a breath and consider all options.


Civil Appeals

Before you file an appeal, be sure that you’re prepared for all it may entail. The cost alone can be high, plus if you lose, the other side can be awarded attorneys fees and costs. Think carefully.


ADR / Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution includes arbitration and mediation, and is an alternative to going to court. With ADR your case can be over in months instead of years and may be your base course of action.


And so much more

The consultation you schedule with The Bolin Firm is not restricted to any one area of law. You are free to bring all your questions as long as they concern any of the areas listed here.

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“One hour of my time can easily save you hundreds of hours of theirs.”

– Ngozi E. Bolin, Esq

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